101 Champagne Cocktails to Try — Just Not All Tonight!

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You have one New Year’s Eve a year. Make it count! We have 101 Champagne cocktails to try. No, we don’t mean you should try them all tonight. Just check out our list and choose a few, silly!

100 Champagne Cocktail Recipes

Cheers to 101 cocktails you can make for New Year’s Eve.  Try something from a different era or be creative and mix flavors. All are delicious.

Takes on the Classics

1. Air Mail

2. French 75

3.  French 75 Cocktail

4. Classic Champagne Cocktail

5. Sherry Temple

6. Sparkling Negroni

7. Gin Gin

8. Iced Toddy


9. Festive Mimosa

10. Holiday Mimosa

11. Party Mimosa

12. Strawberry Basil Bellini

13.  Raspberry Ginger Bellini

14. Rose Bellini

15. Super C Bellini

16. Mango-Lime Bellini

17.  Champagne Margarita

18. Strawberry Sauza-Rita

19. Sparkling Fig Sangria

20. Champagne Sangria

21. Fizzante Mojito

22. Champagne Mojito

23. Tropical Sunset


24.  German Strawberry Wine Punch

25. Champagne Punch

26. Champagne Punch II

27. Champagne Punch III

28. Champagne Punch IV

29. Sparkling Spanish Punch

30. Lemon Drop Champagne Punch

31. Cranberry, Tangerine and Pomegranate Punch

32. Regent’s Punch

33. Spiced Blood Orange Champagne Punch

34. Champagne Punch Bellini

35.  Champagne Sangria Punch

36. Champagne Peach Punch

37. New Year’s Punch


38. Bad Day

39. Amaretto Cherry Fizz

Note: The Cookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon/affiliate links.

Fun Cocktails

40. Atomic Cocktail

41. The Sun Also Rises Cocktail

42. Lavender Champagne

43. Juniper Champagne Sparkler

44. Lava Lamps

45. Rosemary Infused Holiday Cocktail

46. Blue Sparkling Star Cocktail

47. Evening in Kingston

48. Holiday Cocktail

49. Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

50. Bubbles & Smoke

51. Sparkling Bees Knees

52. Brunch Date

53. Kinky Boots

54. Dazzler

55. Pink Pussy Cat

56. Champagne Jello Shots with Pop Rocks

Fruit Cocktails

57. Champagne Pomegranate Cocktail

58. Raspberry Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

59. Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

60. Pomegranate and Ginger Spritzer

61. Pomosa

62. Crisp Autumn Serenade

63. Apple Pie in the Sky

64. Sparkling Apple-Cranberry Champagne

65. Red Currant Champagne Cocktail

66. Peach Sparkler

67. Fuzzy Memory

68. Champagne Cocktail

69. Blackberry Fizz Martini

70. Blackberry Ombre Sparkler

71. Pear Vodka Infused Champagne Cocktail

72. French Pear Martini

73. The Countdown

74. Raspberry Champagne Float

75. Lady Joy

76. Champagne Cobbler Cocktail

77. Nectar of the Gods

78. Cherry Martini

79. Poinsettia

Citrus Cocktails

80. Champagne-And-Orange Granita Cocktail

81. Orange Cream Flamingo

82. The Barbotage Champagne Cocktail

83. Sicilian Sunset

84. Rise ‘n’ Shine Juice

85. Plata Fizz

86. Mandarin Cocktail

87. Tangerine Sorbet Champagne Float

88. Clementine Sparkler

89. Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail

90. Blood Orange Float

91. G&C

92. Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail 

93. Lemon-Gin Sparkling Cocktails

94. Pear-Lemon Fizz

95. Champagne Cocktail

96. Champagne Limoncello Cocktails

97. Summertime Blues

98. Fancy Pants

99. Grapefruit Sparkler


100. Blackberry-Chambord Royale

101. Pomegranate-Rosemary Royale

This post originally appeared in December, 2015 and was revised and republished in December, 2016.

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