Our Best Ganache Recipes

Craving something sweet? Perhaps something a little creamy and chocolaty? We got it all covered, covered in ganache that is!


The great thing with ganache is that it’s so versatile. Spread it on some macarons, whip it up into a cloud-like frosting, or even flavor it and roll it up like a truffle. We’ve shared our best tips and favorite recipes with you the last two weeks, so let’s review all the deliciousness. Enjoy!

How to Make Ganache

How To Make Ganache

Temperatures and Ratios

How to Flavor Ganache

How to Flavor Ganache

How to Cover a Cake

The easy way to coat a cake in ganache, instead of frosting it

Homemade Truffles

How to make rolled truffles

How to Temper Chocolate

How and Why to Temper Chocolate

Truffle Pops

Truffle pops: Ganache Centers with chocolate coating

Molded Truffles

How to Make Molded Truffles

Brownie Pops

brownie pops

This post originally appeared in February 2016 and was revised and republished in February 2020.

Our Best Ganache Recipes
Our Best Ganache Recipes

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