101 Ways to Make Eggs Benedict Your Own

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Eggs Benedict is the perfect breakfast dish. It’s difficult to improve on perfection but creativity reigns the kitchen. And sometimes a twist can improve a classic. Here are 101 directions to take Eggs Benedict and make it yours.

101 Eggs Benedict Variations to Try

Change up the English muffin 

1. Grill your English muffin in bacon fat.

2. Replace the English muffin with a savory waffle.

3. Love cheese? Try a cheddar cheese biscuit.

4. A polenta patty makes your Eggs Benedict gluten free.

5. Corncakes!

6. Fill a warm popover with diced Canadian bacon, hollandaise sauce and poached eggs.

7. Toast some brioche.

8. Use a baguette as an alternative.

9. Scones!

10. How about potato bread?

11. Whip up some potato pancakes.

12. Use warm flour tortillas.

13. Corn tortillas are a good base too.

14. Use toasted pitas.

15. Use mini toast crackers as your starch.

16. Or try Dutch rusks.

17. Try a steamed artichoke bottom.

18. Grill some slices of eggplant.

Note: The Cookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon/affiliate links.

19. Use lightly fried potato skins.

20. Make a cake out of wild rice.

21. Crab legs replace the English muffin as the base.

Instead of Canadian bacon 

22. Heat up some peameal bacon.

23. Use prosciutto.

24. Throw in some pastrami.

25. Substitute with regular bacon.

26. Try corned beef.

27. Use sausage patties.

28. Spice it up with chorizo sausage.

29. Ham steak is a good alternative.

30. Or make scrapple (it’s a kind of pork loaf. But it’s good! Really!).

31. Grilled sliced cajun-seasoned chicken breast. Oh! Or grilled sliced sriracha doused chicken breast. Whatever. Just do something spicy to it.

32. Use steak. (They didn’t but we’d totally go spicy here as well).

33. Smoked salmon.

34. Grill some walleye.

35. Scallops instead of Canadian bacon.

36. Smoked oysters

37. Sautéed Portobello mushrooms (a vegetarian option).

38. Indulge with black truffles.

39. Try fried green tomatoes.

40. Marinated artichoke hearts

Egg Ideas Note: Really, you can cook your eggs anyway. They don’t have to be poached. We’re not going to put those in the list. You can fry them, scramble them, sunny-side them, you get the picture.

41. Use quail eggs.

42. Try duck eggs.

Experiment with your hollandaise sauce

43. Add some garlic to your hollandaise sauce.

44. Sriracha has a cult following. Add it to your hollandaise sauce to add heat.

45. Add barbecue flavors to your hollandaise sauce.

46. Include a little horseradish.

47. You can add some zest to hollandaise with cilantro.

50. Add some Worcestershire sauce.

51. Try some harissa in your sauce.

52. Wasabi in the hollandaise. Oh yeah.

53. Saffron is expensive, but adds a richness to the sauce.

54. Brown your butter before whisking it into the eggs.

55. Forget the hollandaise. Use a béchamel sauce, or one of the mother sauces in French cooking.

56. Top your dish with a Béarnaise sauce.

57. Make a mousseline sauce. It’s a basic hollandaise but with whipped cream added. Yes. Really. This one has dill as well.

58. Try a Champagne sauce, like this Chamapagne Mushroom Sauce.

59. Combine mustard and mayonnaise to make a sauce.

60. Use gravy instead of hollandaise.

61. Use a shrimp sauce.

62. Try a Creole sauce.

63. Instead of hollandaise, simply melt Cheddar cheese over the eggs under the broiler.

64. Make a blue cheese sauce.

65. Try some goat cheese.  Just melt it in the microwave.


66. Top your Eggs Benedict with caviar.

67. Add some asparagus.

68. Sauté some peppers.

69. Try some grilled summer squash.

70. Spicy collard greens.

71. Add avocado slices.

72. Add some cooked spinach.

73. Include fresh spinach and crumbled feta.

74. More spinach! Throw some creamed spinach in there.

75. Take inspiration from Huevos Rancheros: Add salsa and black beans to your ingredients.

76. Spread refried beans on the English muffins.

Try a different cuisine

77. Southern I: Use cornbread pancakes, fried ham, eggs and a Swiss cheese sauce.

78. Southern II: Use fried chicken instead of Canadian bacon. Biscuits for English muffins. And gravy for hollandaise sauce.

79. Bayou: Make the dish with tasso ham and crawfish hash.

80. Spicy: Use chorizo sausage, jalapeno biscuits and add a dash of chili powder to your hollandaise sauce.

81. Tex-Mex: Use queso  instead of hollandaise sauce. Make pico de gallo. And don’t forget to layer on avocado. Use American bacon and either a poached or fried egg.

82. Chipolte: Top a buttermilk biscuit with pulled pork, eggs, chipotle hollandaise and cheese grits.

83. Healthy: Mashed avocado, toasted whole-wheat bread, egg whites and fresh dill.

84. Caprese: Add slices of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil.

85. Asian. Use grilled tofu, seasoned with chili, cooked slabs of eggplant for your English muffin, cooked spinach and a poached egg.

86. Eggs Benedict Sushi: Make a patty out of sushi rice. Top with nori, salmon sashimi, scrambled egg, soy sauce, green onion and mirin.

87. Pesto: Top English muffin with sautéed spinach and tomato and then slather it in pesto.

88. Italian:  Make a creamy polenta as your base. Top with roasted red pepper, egg and béchamel sauce.

89. Maryland: Crab cakes in place of the English muffins. Sprinkle some Old Bay Seasoning into the hollandaise sauce.

90. Cod I: Make a cod cake and a spicy hollandaise. Serve with lots of fresh arugula.

91. Cod II: Mix up some cod and potatoes. Put some poached eggs on top and bring on the hollandaise.

92. Norway: Make it with smoked salmon and dill. Top with a melted cream cheese sauce.

93. New York: Use lox and a New York bagel.

94. Indian: Use garlic naan as your base. Add some cumin and coriander powder to your hollandaise sauce. Serve with a fresh slice of tomato.

95. Irish: A boxty (a potato pancake) is the base, followed by smoked salmon, a poached egg and hollandaise.

96. Greek: Creamed spinach, graviera cheese and a pita.

97. Canadian: Poutine anyone? Top fries with cheese curds (or shredded mozzarella) and add a poached egg. Drizzle with hot beef gravy.

98. Thanksgiving: Use stuffing as your starch. Top with turkey, poached egg and gravy. Cranberry sauce on the side, of course.

Other Eggs Benedict dishes 

99. Eggs Benedict burger: Use an English muffin, top with a burger, hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon and poached eggs.

100. Eggs Benedict skillet: Make scrambled eggs with diced Canadian bacon. Serve over hash browns. Drizzle hollandaise  sauce over it.

101. Eggs Benedict Spaghetti

We double-doggy-dare you to try to come up with more. Ready. Set. Go!

Amy Bowen

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