Say Hi to Candy Apples!

It’s starting to feel like fall out there, and it’s definitely apple-harvest season. You know what that means…It’s time for Candy Apples! Get everything you need to know to make the best ever candy apples right here.

Everything you ever needed to know to make amazing candy apples, all in one place!

When The Cookful launched, our first topic was Popcorn. One of the things we wrote about was Classic Popcorn Balls. Do you remember? I was a bit afraid going into that whole thing because it involved candy-making. I didn’t even own a candy thermometer back then. Well, now I own one but I was still a bit terrified to take on more candy. And yet we did when we decided to dive into Candy Apples.

Why the fear? It was that candy apples involve quite a bit of candy-making. I cringed and got out my handy-dandy candy thermometer.

The cringe wasn’t necessary though. Turns out, candy apples are a breeze to make. Super-easy and they don’t take long either. So don’t let your fear of hot sugar stop you from taking this on. You’ve got this. And if you’re unsure about anything, don’t worry. We’re here to help you with every single step, from making basic bright red candy-coated apples, to homemade caramel apples, to unique toppings – we’ve gotcha. We even have a comparison between homemade coatings and store-bought ones so you’ll know whether it’s worth it to buy or to make. What else? Tips galore and ideas of things you can use as sticks. Oh, and some really unique and wacky candy apple recipes too.

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O.K., let’s get our apples on!

Christine 😉

This article originally appeared in October 2015 and was revised and republished in September 2016.

Christine Pittman

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