Give a High Five to Chicken Wings!

Today we’re launching a new topic on The Cookful: Chicken Wings! You’ll get everything you need to know (and more!) to make delicious wings at home. Let’s get started!

Everything you need to know to make delicious chicken wings at home

I’ve never been a huge chicken wing fan. They’re so messy and Buffalo sauce burns my lips. I also don’t love blue cheese. The whole thing is a bit of a “whatever” for me. So when my co-editors here at The Cookful insisted that our “Game Day” topic HAD to be wings, I was nonplussed. But I agreed to go with it. My team is pretty convincing.

I’m so glad I did. All the research and testing turned out to be a lot of fun. Delicious fun.

We found a way to bake wings at home that is effortless and so seriously good. Crispy amazingness. We made Buffalo sauce a bit more sublime. We even came up with a blue cheese dip that I’m happy to lick off of my fingertips. And so so much more.

If you’re a big wing fan or even if you’re only kind of into them (like I was), you’re going to love our Chicken Wing Series. So much info and so many great recipes. If you’d like all of the chicken wing info packaged together in one place, you can get our free chicken wing ebook. You can view it on your computer, tablet or even print it out. It has everything you ever wanted to know about making the perfect wings.

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O.K. let’s get crispy!

Christine 😉

This post originally appeared in January, 2016 and was revised and republished in February 2017.

Christine Pittman

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