Brussels Sprouts Shopping Guide

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Let’s shop for some Brussels Sprouts essentials!

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Although baking (or sautéing, frying, roasting, etc.) Brussels sprouts is pretty easy, it’s always great to have the right tools to help with the process. Here are some of our favorite items to cook with, munch on and even wear!

Chips are in. Add some green goodness to your next lunch with these Chili Lime Brussels Sprouts Chips.

A paring knife is essential to cutting Brussels Sprouts fast and efficiently.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Thanks for supporting The Cookful!

Making a Brussels Sprouts salad? Keep your fingers intact with an easy-to-use mandoline. Or even easier, a hand-held slicer like the one pictured above.

Sauté Brussels Sprouts to perfection with this stainless-steel skillet.

Chop your sprouts like a true Belgium with this patriotic cutting board.

Serve your guests spoonfuls of Brussels Sprouts with this “Sprouts just want to be loved” spoon.

This tee-shirt shows off your obsession with Brussels Sprouts. Buy them for the whole family.

Trick your friends into eating Brussels Sprouts for dessert with these Chocolate Brussels Sprouts truffles. Yum!

Give the gift of Brussels Sprouts with gift wrap, cards and tape to match. Birthdays and Holidays just got greeeeeener.

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