Hello Buffalo Chicken!

Our newest series is...Buffalo Chicken! Yee haw! It's going to be a saucy good time. Check out what we have in store for you over the next couple of weeks.

When we were doing our series on Chicken Wings, we talked about Buffalo sauce a lot. So much so that I realized there was a whole topic in there. We almost decided to do a series just on that sauce. But then we discovered that everything we wanted to do also had chicken in it. The Buffalo Chicken topic was born.

In our Buffalo Chicken series, you won’t find a post on how to make wings or even how to make your own Buffalo sauce. That’s because we already did those in the Chicken Wing series. Wings (crispy baked), wings (fried), wings (grilled), wings (breaded), wings (breaded and boneless), Buffalo sauce recipe, fancy Buffalo sauce recipe. See? We’ve done it.

Instead, this series focuses on other things that you can make that have that distinctive Buffalo Chicken flavor. We’ve got Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Salad, Buffalo Chicken Sliders, Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, even  Buffalo Chicken Poutine!

It’s a spicy, fun time and we hope you love eating your way through it over the next couple of weeks.

Now, let’s get saucy!

Christine 😉

Christine Pittman

Christine is the Founder and Senior Editor of The Cookful. She also blogs at COOKtheSTORY where she specializes in easy healthy homemade recipes. Healthiness aside, she has been known to shred cheese onto a dinner plate, microwave it for 30 seconds, and then eat the messy goop with a spoon.