BBQ Sauce

We’ve researched methods and tested classic favorites to bring you the very best BBQ sauce recipes. We just know that these recipes are going to become a delicious part of your life.

What Is Barbecue Sauce?

There is a lot of variety in BBQ sauces, but generally speaking it’s a sauce used on meats that are barbecued (or grilled). The base ingredients are often vinegar, tomato paste or ketchup, and sugar and seasonings. Learn more about the origins of barbecue sauce and some of the early versions.

Using BBQ Sauce

Because BBQ sauces tend to have sugar in them, you don’t want to add them at the start of cooking or they may burn. Instead, baste your meats with them towards the end of grilling or baking like in this BBQ chicken thighs recipe. You can also toss them in sauce immediately after cooking like I do with these grilled chicken wings.

Of course, these sauces are also excellent for dipping, whether that’s for French fries or chicken nuggets. Get more ideas for using your barbecue sauce!

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