The Ultimate Champagne Cocktail Shopping Guide

Half the fun of making Champagne Cocktails is all the gear and ingredients you can buy. From iceless wine chillers to funny drink stirrers, Champagne cocktails are so much more than simply making a drink.


The Ultimate Champagne Cocktail Shopping Guide

I love Champagne cocktails. The best part is that you probably already have just about everything if you have any sort of bar. But I like to buy fun stuff when hosting a party. Here are my favorite things.

Need help picking out the right Champagne? No problem. This variety pack has you covered.

Serve your cocktails in these throwback glasses. You can also find cool Champagne glasses at second-hand stores and estate sales.

We have a wonderful Champagne Punch recipe coming up that will make you want to throw a party. You will definitely need a cool punch bowl to showcase your creation.

Hosting a Champagne Cocktail Bar? You need pitchers for juices. This pitcher keeps juice cold with a built-in ice container.

Everyone needs a good wine bucket to chill their Champs. This one does it without ice. How cool!

Don’t hide all those sparkling wines, make a statement by keeping them in a fun beverage tub. Or this gorgeous cooler that’s made out of hammered copper.

No one wants to share their Champagne. Help your guests track their drinks during parties with these cute snowflakes.

Stir sticks and napkins can add fun and humor while also performing practical purposes, like stirring and wiping up.

Sugar cubes are necessary when making traditional Champagne cocktails (our Classic Champagne Cocktail, for one). Stock up.

Oh, don’t forget the bitters. It’s another must have at any chic cocktail party.

Do you really love Champagne? Then you need a really big glass, like a glass that fits an entire bottle of Champagne. Seriously!

In the unlikely event that you have leftover Champs, you’ll need this, which seals in all the bubbles for future drinks.

Talk about a fun gift for your guests. Send them home with chocolate Champagne bottles. It’s almost as good as the real thing.

As soon as your guests leave, crack open pink Champagne truffles because, well, you deserve it.

This post originally appeared in December, 2015 and was revised and republished in December 2016.

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