The Essential Shopping Guide for Fika, The Swedish Coffee Break

Get authentic! Take a look at our picks of what you need for the perfect Swedish coffee break.

Fika, The Swedish Coffee Break, Essential Shopping Guide

In Sweden, the term fika (pronounced: fee-ka) translates as “to drink coffee”. However Swedes now-a-days have turned this national tradition into a cultural phenomenon. Many schools and offices have fika breaks in which all the students and employees take ten to fifteen minutes off to grab a cup of coffee and a sweet treat.

Creating your own fika doesn’t require much; just a pot of coffee (or tea), some friends and a sweet treat to nibble on. Here are some of our favorite items (all authentic!) to host your own fika.

Every fika needs something warm to drink and with Sweden being one of the biggest consumers of coffee in the world, you might want to try their coffee (especially when you drink it in a cute Swedish-inspired mug).

Coffee nay-sayer’s have no fear! There is delicious Swedish tea available too. Serve it in a modern teapot alongside a carafe for keeping your coffee warm.  Want to add a little flavor to your warm drink? Sprinkle in some vanilla sugar, it’ll add a sweet touch with a hint of bold flavor.

You can’t have fika without something delicious to nibble on. Traditionally most Swedes reach for a cinnamon bun, topped with pearl sugar. How about a fresh bun topped with whipped cream and lingonberry preserves? Or even a princess cake served atop a beautiful cake stand.

A set of basic mugs with plates for your sweets is also a great idea. This set is inexpensive and just the thing.

Now you’re ready to grab your coffee, pick out a sweet treat and enjoy your afternoon fika.

Lyndsay Burginger

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