Farro Shopping Guide

Forget quinoa. The new (well, it’s actually ancient) grain is farro. You can use it in everything from salads to meatballs. Let’s start with buying everything you need.

A Buying Guide for Preparing Delicious Farro

Let’s start with the most basic of the basics. You need some farro.

We have a fantastic farro soup recipe. And such a great lunch deserves equally great soup bowls.

Just like our soup recipe, we also have a tasty salad. Here’s a salad bowl for a wonderful presentation.

You’ll need a sturdy casserole pan for our tasty farro bolognese.

This pot is cool because you can drain your farro with the lid on. It has holes in the lid, which makes draining a cinch.

Invest in a slow cooker. You can make farro while you’re at work or sleeping.

Farro isn’t just for salad or soup. You can wear your farro with this cool apron.


Amy Bowen

Amy had no clue how to cook until she became the food reporter for a daily newspaper in Minnesota. At 25, she even struggled with boxed mac and cheese. These days, Amy is a much better cook, thanks to interviewing cooks and chefs for more than 10 years. She even makes four cheese macaroni and cheese with bacon, no boxed mac in sight. Amy is also on the editorial team at The Cookful.