Hola Margarita Monday! 101 Margaritas to Try

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Umm..but not all of them tonight! Margaritas go way beyond the traditional lime flavor. How about throwing in jalapenos, basil or even avocado (yes, really)? You’ll want to try all 101 of these tequila-soaked drinks.

Hola Margarita Monday! 101 Margarita Recipes to Try (just maybe not all of them tonight!)

Here we go! 101 margarita recipes to try. I’ve given you the name of the margaritas as well as a list of the main ingredients so you can get a sense of the flavor profile. Click the links there to get the actual recipes and actual amounts. Have fun!


  1. Apple Cider: Orange, apple, apple cider and cinnamon
  2. Avocado: Avocado, lime and orange
  3. Bahamarita: Kiwi, mango, lime, strawberry, lemon, cactus juice
  4. Blackberry Lemonade: Blackberry and lemonade
  5. Blackberry Mint: Blackberry and mint
  6. Blackberry-Thyme: Blackberry, thyme, lime, orange and sparkling wine
  7. Blood Orange: Blood orange juice, lime and agave
  8. Blue: Agave and lime
  9. Blueberry Lime: Blueberry, lime, agave and orange
  10. Roasted Blueberry Basil: Blueberry, basil, lime and orange
  11. Cherry Limeade: Cherry juice and limeade
  12. Fresh Cherry: Cherry, lime and agave nectar
  13. Coconut: Coconut, lime and orange
  14. Coconut II: Coconut water, lime, coconut and white chocolate
  15. Cranberry: Cranberry, lime and orange
  16. Dragon Fruit: Dragon Fruit, agave, lime and rose water
  17. French: Orange and lime
  18. Fresh: Lemonade and orange juice
  19. Fresh Honeydew: Honeydew, chili powder and lime
  20. Frozen Lemon and Mixed Berry: Lemon sorbet and mixed berries
  21. Frozen Peach: Peach, lime and orange
  22. Frozen Ginger-Peach: Peach, ginger and lime
  23. White Peach and Cherry: Peach and cherry
  24. Frozen Tangerine: Tangerine juice, lime and orange
  25. Grapefruit and Cantaloupe: Grapefruit, cantaloupe and jalapeno
  26. Pink Grapefruit: Ruby Red grapefruit juice, lime and orange
  27. Smoky Grilled Grapefruit: Grapefruit and lime
  28. Honeydew Rita-Margarita: Honeydew, honey and lime
  29. Mango: Mango and orange
  30. Persimmon: Persimmon, orange and Sprite
  31. Pineapple: Pineapple, orange and lime
  32. Pineapple and Blueberry: Pineapple and blueberry
  33. Grilled Pineapple and Jalapeno: Jalapeno, pineapple, honey and lime
  34. Pink Lady: Raspberry, ruby red grapefruit and apple
  35. Pink Lemonade: Pink lemonade and lime
  36. Pomegranate: Pomegranate, lime and lemon
  37. Prickly Pear: Lime, pear cactus juice
  38. Red, White and Blue: Strawberry, coconut and blueberry
  39. Roasted Grape: Grape, lemon and orange
  40. Stoplight: Strawberry or Wildberry, mango and lime
  41. Strawberry Coconut: Strawberry, coconut and lime
  42. Strawberry Mango: Strawberry, mango and lime
  43. Strawberry Margarita Punch: Strawberry, strawberry soda, limeade and orange juice
  44. Strawberry Rhubarb: Strawberry, rhubarb, lime, orange
  45. Sugarplum: Sugarplum syrup, lemon and cherry
  46. Watermelon: Watermelon, orange and lime
  47. Whole Citrus: Orange, lemon and lime

Note: The Cookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon/affiliate links.

Boozy Flavors

  1. Beer: Beer and lime
  2. Cherry Beer: Cherry, beer, limeade and cherry soda
  3. Ultimate: Beer, lime and orange
  4. Champagne: Champagne, lime and orange. Find the recipe here.
  5. Devil’s: Red wine.
  6. Mint Julep: Mint, bourbon and lime
  7. Mojito: Mint and lime.
  8. Moonshine: Moonshine, orange juice and lime
  9. Moscow Mule: Ginger beer, lime and orange
  10. Sangria: White wine, orange and cilantro
  11. Slushy-Blended: Agave and a whole lotta booze
  12. Tequila Sunrise: Cherry, orange and lime
  13. White Trash: Limeade, beer, Sprite


  1. Chipotle: Chipotle juice, orange and lime
  2. Ginger: Ginger, nutmeg and lime
  3. Norteno: Lime and green chile juice
  4. Sangrita: Tomato juice, lime, agave, Spanish onion, Worcestershire sauce and hot pepper sauce
  5. Spicy: Spiced tequila, agave syrup, orange and lime
  6. Spicy II: Jalapeno, limeade, grapefruit, lime and strawberries
  7. Spicy III: Red pepper, lime, orange and cilantro
  8. Strawberry Sriracha: Strawberry and sriracha
  9. Red Chile-Guava: Chile-infused tequila, guava nectar, orange and lime
  10. Roasted jalapeno: Jalapeno, lemon and lime


  1. Green Tea: Green tea, lime and orange
  2. Hibiscus: Hibiscus, lime, orange and agave
  3. Lavender: Lavender and orange
  4. Rosemary Ginger: Rosemary, ginger and lime


  1. Candy corn: Orange, orange soda, beer and limeade
  2. Chocolate: Chocolate, cream, cinnamon, almond, orange
  3. Cotton Candy: Cream soda, cotton candy, lime and orange
  4. Dreamsicle: Orange and vanilla ice cream
  5. Orange Salted Caramel: Orange, caramel and lime
  6. Pecan Pie: Pecan, maple syrup, vanilla, orange and brown sugar
  7. Peppermint: Peppermint, cherry and orange
  8. Sour Patch Kids: Melon and orange


  1. Beet: Beet syrup and lime
  2. Caprese: Pickling liquid, basil, balsamic vinegar, lemon and lime
  3. Carrot: Carrot, lime and orange
  4. Celery: Celery and lime
  5. Cucumber-Cilantro: Cucumber, cilantro, lime and orange
  6. Cucumber Jalapeno: Cucumber, jalapeno and orange
  7. Cucumber Watermelon: Cucumber, watermelon, lime, agave or honey
  8. Kale: Kale, kale or any green juice, agave and lime.
  9. Pumpkin: Pumpkin, orange, cinnamon, lime and allspice.

Margarita dishes (because why limit yourself to a drink?)

  1. Lime-Shaped Margarita Gelatin Shots: Because Jell-O shots are always more fun in a lime peel. That makes it a fruit, right?
  2. Strawberry Jell-O Shots: Just like the lime shots, these are made in the strawberry. You are one step closer to making an entire fruit salad of shots.
  3. Margarita Bars: Take these to a picnic and enjoy.
  4. Margarita Cheesecake: The only thing better than eating margarita cheesecake is drinking a margarita while you enjoy.
  5. Margarita Cupcakes: Bake with margarita mix. Top with lime frosting.
  6. Margarita Granita: A frozen treat with the classic margarita flavors.
  7. Margarita Gummies: Why should the kids have all the fun eating gummies?
  8. Margarita-Soaked Watermelon Slices: This is adult-only watermelon.
  9. Salted Margarita Cream Pops: Key lime juice and sweetened condensed milk give this ice pop a key lime pie flavor, add tequila.
  10. Strawberry Margarita Pancakes: Strawberry pancakes with lime syrup.






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