Hot Chocolate Around the World

4,000 years ago, some believed Hot Chocolate brought wellness and strength. We don’t know about that. But we sure know it tastes good and that’s why people all over the world drink it today.

Hot Chocolate Around the World

As cliché as it sounds (and you know how we love clichés here at The Cookful), Hot Chocolate really does warm you up on a cold day. Maybe it does more than that too! According to Hungry History, the Olmec tribe located in Southern Mexico would grind together cacao nibs and water to make a chocolate drink named, “xocolātl” which was believed to give the drinker magical powers and energy. If you’ve always wanted to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, hot chocolate might be your ticket.*

*Warning: Attempting to jump off of, or over, buildings may increase your risk of going splat on concrete. And it may cause you to spill your hot chocolate. We don’t endorse any of these activities.

Hot Chocolate is a very popular drink around the world. In Italy and Spain, the hot chocolate is so thick you’ll need a spoon to scoop it up. In Columbia they swirl in cheese. Check out these cool international hot chocolates.

Spain: Chocolate Caliente – Act like a proper Spaniard and grab a crisp churro to dip into your rich and thick hot chocolate.

Italy: Cioccolato Caldo – So thick you’ll need a spoon!

Hungary: Forró Csokoládé – Spiced with paprika, white pepper and cloves.

France: Le Chocolat Chaud – Hot Chocolate so intense you’ll need a nap afterwards.

Belgium: Warme chocolademelk – Two words: Belgium chocolate.

Colombia: Chocolate Santafereño – Swirl in a chunk of cheese for a more authentic taste.

Philippines: Tsokolate – Made with a block of chocolate then frothed.

India:Chai Hot Chocolate – A hint of spices add a kick of flavor.

This post originally appeared in December, 2015 and was revised and republished in January, 2020.

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