Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage

Contributor: Sam Ellis

Corned Beef and Cabbage is a dish that should be enjoyed year-round rather than just for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s cozy and doesn’t take much work to throw together in the Instant Pot which makes it a winner any day.

  • Author: Sam Ellis
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
  • Total Time: 2 hours
  • Yield: 6 Servings 1x
  • Category: Entrée
  • Method: Instant Pot
  • Cuisine: Irish


  • 3 cups beef broth or Instant Pot Beef Bone Broth
  • 1 onion, sliced
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 2 lbs. trimmed, lean corned beef brisket with spice packet
  • 1 lb. baby carrots
  • 1 medium head cabbage, cut into 6 wedges
  • 1 lb. baby potatoes
  • ⅛ cup chopped parsley, to top


  1. Put beef broth in bottom of Instant Pot, then add sliced onions, peeled garlic cloves and contents of spice pack from the corned beef. Top with corned beef brisket.
  2. Close lid and turn knob to sealed. Pressure cook on high pressure for 90 minutes. Once done, natural release pressure for about 15 minutes then quick release the remaining pressure.
  3. Remove brisket from the Instant Pot to rest.
  4. Add in carrots, cabbage wedges and whole small potatoes to Instant Pot and reseal the lid and venting knob. Pressure cook on high pressure for 4-6 minutes. Quick release the pressure once the timer is done.
  5. While vegetables are cooking, slice the corned beef thinly against the grain.
  6. Remove vegetables from the Instant Pot and serve with the sliced corned beef. Top with chopped parsley, if desired.