Candy Apple Tips and Tricks

Chilling, timing and caramel (lots of caramel) make candy apples a breeze to make. Here are our best tips to make yours deeeelicious.
Tips for Making the Best Candy Apples
 We love the end result of candy apples. But making them can be just as much fun. A few simple tips makes the process simple.

Make Delicious Candy Apples 

1. Wash your apples. It removes a waxy film that makes apples look extra shiny in the store (ew, gross). Washing the apples helps the caramel stick better too. And let’s be honest. The more caramel, the better.

2. Chill your apples to help the caramel or chocolate coatings stick. Give them at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

3. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to my caramel apples. I hate those puddles of caramel that harden around the tops. This tip prevents that. After dipping your apples, hold them upside down to let the excess caramel drip off. Place on parchment paper. Chill for 15 minutes.

4. Don’t throw away that extra candy coating. Make our delicious candy apple candy.

5. To get a nice chocolate drizzle on your apples, put melted chocolate in a ziptop bag and cut a small hole in one bottom corner. Squeeze and drizzle to your heart’s content.

6. You can roll your apple in candy or other toppings right away after dipping in caramel or candy coating.

7. Insert the stick at least ¾-inch into the stem side of the apple. It will support all that appley goodness. If your sticks are long, go ahead and stick them most of the way through the apple. Extra support is never a bad thing.

8. Candy apples are best if made the day you want to enjoy them. But they keep in the refrigerator for up to two days, if you can stop yourself from eating them!

9. Don’t burn yourself. Prevent the candy coating from bubbling by adding 1/8 teaspoon of shortening just before you dip your apples.

11. Two other safety tips. Never add water when your candy syrup is 200ºF or higher. And never pour the syrup down the drain. Splattering can occur and cause severe burns.

10.  Clean up. Don’t leave it a sticky mess. Soak everything in hot soapy water. For pans and utensils that have acquired a candy coating, fill the pan with water such that all candy is covered, add the utensils and boil. The mess will come right off.

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This article originally appeared in October 2015 and was revised and republished in September 2016.


Amy Bowen

Amy had no clue how to cook until she became the food reporter for a daily newspaper in Minnesota. At 25, she even struggled with boxed mac and cheese. These days, Amy is a much better cook, thanks to interviewing cooks and chefs for more than 10 years. She even makes four cheese macaroni and cheese with bacon, no boxed mac in sight. Amy is also on the editorial team at The Cookful.