Marinade Shopping Guide

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Fire up the grill. Let’s marinate a picnic-worthy meal. Here’s what you need to marinate everything from pork loin to Brie.

Everything You Need to Make the Best Marinades

Become a marinating fool with this professional meat injecting kit. This allows you to marinate the meat from within.

If injecting your meat seems a bit too surgical, a marinating brush can help you achieve perfectly marinated chops.

OK, maybe you want some personal distance from your meat. Spray your marinade with a spray bottle. Pour in your ingredients, shake it up and spray all day.

I love a good whisk. These ones make mixing marinades a breeze.They’re sturdy and can withstand daily use. Or go for something like this fun rainbow one.

These bowls are a chef’s dream. I always like stainless steel bowls because they last forever and always look great.

You’ve seen beer can chicken before. Up your game with chicken and turkey marinade steamers. You choose what kind of marinade you want and set your poultry on top of something much more appetizing than a beer can.

This marinade bowl is so fancy. It allows you to vacuum seal (!!!) your ingredients so the marinade has a deeper flavor.

Prevent irksome burns with heat-resistant cooking gloves.

If you love to grill, you’ll need a grill that can make you food even better. The Kamado Kooker uses charcoal to recreate the heat of ancient clay ovens. Th result? Juicy meats and crispy vegetables.

Proclaim your love for a good marinade with a Marinade Dr bumper sticker. Or better yet tell everyone how well you marinate with this T-shirt.

Note: The Cookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon/affiliate links.

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