What You Need To Make Beautiful Ganache

You don’t need special tools to make ganache, however who can resist a new heart-shaped mold for your truffles? See here for this and other great ganache gear.

What You need to make beautiful ganache

Ganache is just a combination of chocolate and cream so it doesn’t require a lot of tools to make. Some applications require something special (you definitely need a mold to make molded truffles, y’know). But other than that, the tools you need are really basic. Here are our favorite standard tools for this delectable job.

First when making the ganache you need some chocolate. You can use something dark like a 72% Dark Chocolate bar. Or perhaps Dark Chocolate Chips, that way you don’t need to chop the chocolate before melting. And White Chocolate is always an option.

Your chocolate is all ready to go, now it’s time to warm up your cream. We found that a microwave was the easiest to use, and a Glass Measuring Cup works perfectly as a container to warm the cream and to mix in the chocolate. A Silicone Spatula mixes up the chocolate without incorporating too many air bubbles into the mixture.

Once the ganache is mixed you can either pour it on a cake or you can chill it for truffles. We used these Heart-Shaped Silicone Molds to make our molded truffles but you could go with something more basic like these Round Truffle Molds. Or go all out with some Dog-Shaped Truffles. Woof.

So your beautiful truffles are all done. Now what? Why not give them to friends and loved ones as gifts? Act like a true chocolatier by boxing your homemade truffles in Small Candy Boxes. Your friends and family will say, “Thank You!!!”

Lyndsay Burginger

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