Nutritional Facts About Strawberries

We’re giving you the scoop on whether luscious strawberries are truly good for you or not.

We're giving you the scoop on whether luscious strawberries are truly good for you.

There’s a lot of jibber jabber in the dieting community about fruits. Are they good for you? Are they bad for you? When the food pyramid exploded, where did nature’s candy fall? Well, we’re not going to go into all fruits today, but I do want to talk for a bit about strawberries.

Who doesn’t love a good strawberry? (Besides my dad for some weird reason!) They’re the perfect finger food size, they’re sweet and satisfying and you can buy them all year long. But should you?

Here are some valuable nutritional facts about strawberries.


The first thing everyone always wants to know about any food is its carb content. Strawberries do contain carbohydrates, like most fruit. They come in at about 7.7%. A medium-sized strawberry, weighing in at around 12 grams has 0.9 grams of carbohydrates contained within it. This low carb content has a lot to do with the strawberry’s super high water content.

The carbs that are contained within strawberries mostly come as a result of simple sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. For every 100 grams of strawberries you’ve got about 6 digestible grams of carb content.

Fiber Content

Ah fiber, that magical thing that makes the world “go”. (See what I did there?) Strawberries have some fiber in them. About three grams of fiber come out of one cup of strawberries. That is both soluble and insoluble. Fiber makes up 26% of the carbohydrate content in a strawberry.

Nutritional Facts

Strawberries consist of mostly water. The water content of a strawberry is 91%. Carbohydrates are manageable, clocking in at just 7.7%. The remaining components of a strawberry boil down to 0.3% fat and 0.7% protein.

In 100 grams of strawberries, you’ve got 32 calories. Protein comes in at 0.7 grams, sugar is 4.9 grams and there are 2 grams of fiber.

Strawberry FYI

A few more strawberry fun facts for you.

  • great vitamin C source
  • high levels of manganese, folate and potassium
  • super rich with antioxidants
  • Many believe they have positive benefits for both heart health and controlling blood sugar levels.

So there you have it – all the information you need to know to decide if strawberries are good for you.

Kevin Kessler

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