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Loaded baked potato dip with orange cheddar, green onion, and bacon bits topping it in bowl that is brown outside and light blue inside; white bowl with rippled potato chips in top left corner; right corner has cloth with wave stripe in yellow, green, blue, black, orange, pink

Loaded Baked Potato Dip

Loaded Baked Potato Dip is your new BFF for every party. That is if it makes it that far. While there's no potato in it it is made up of all those delicious loaded...

white platter with mini baked potato halves topped with sour cream, black pepper, bacon bits, and sour cream

Baked Potato Bites

Baked Potato Bites are the perfect appetizer to serve guests because they're hearty and can be made ahead of time.

3 baked potato halves on white plate with 2 black stripes around lip on white tablecloth with blue stripes. gravy and somewhat melted cheese curds on top of potatoes

Poutine Baked Potatoes

Poutine Baked Potatoes is another way to enjoy that iconic dish of French fries loaded up with gravy and cheese curds, and I'm showing you how to make it fast. Yum.

Loaded baked potato pizza in background on a metal pizza tray, one slice missing and is plated in front on white plate topped with sour cream, melted orange cheddar, green onion, and bacon bits; behind in white condiment bowls garnish of green onion and bacon bits

Baked Potato Pizza

Baked Potato Pizza is exactly what it sounds like. It's pizza topped with baked potato and the works. It's so tasty you'll want to make it again and again.

buffalo chicken stuffed baked potato with melted orange cheddar and green onion on metal baking sheet with white cloth underneath

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Potatoes

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Potatoes combine two favorite appetizers - buffalo chicken dip and loaded potato skins. The result is absolutely delicious as an appetizer or an entree.