Peppermint Hot Chocolate Float

Because ice cream makes everything better, even hot chocolate.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Float

Once upon a time I was making hot chocolate but didn’t have any whipped cream. And no marshmallows either. What’s a princess like me to do? I mean, if I’m going to consume the gown-busting calories of a mug of hot chocolate, I’m going to do it in royal style and make it count.

I searched the cupboard and searched the fridge but didn’t find anything hot chocolate worthy anywhere in the kingdom. Then I opened the freezer. Behold, my prince charming was a tub of chocolate ice cream.

Since then, hot chocolate floats and I have lived happily ever after.

For this recipe, you use some of the Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Mix that I shared with you the other day. Top with hot water or hot milk and then with a big scoop of chocolate ice cream. Don’t stir. Drink immediately. The idea is that the ice cream slowly melts into the hot chocolate as you drink, making it richer with every sip.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Float




  1. Measure the candy cane hot chocolate powder into a mug. Add the hot water. Stir until all or most of the candy cane pieces are dissolved.
  2. Top with the scoop of ice cream. Don't stir. Just let it float on top and slowly melt in as you sip.

Christine Pittman

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