The Perfect Cup of Swedish Coffee

You can’t have a Swedish coffee break without the most important part: coffee.

What is Swedish coffee and how to brew the perfect cup

Drinking coffee is a way of life for most Swedes. And not surprisingly the average citizen in Sweden drinks four cups of coffee a day. A day! This stuff has got to be good.

So what makes Swedish coffee different from, say, the typical coffee we drink here in the states?

The main difference would be in the beans Swedes use: Arabica, which has almost half the amount of caffeine than Robusta, a popular bean used in North America.

One of the main exporters of Swedish coffee is Gevalia, a Swedish company that has spent the last 150 years perfecting the simple cup of coffee (kaffe for you Swedes). They boast their bold flavors and aromas, which I can agree too! The first cup of coffee I had in Sweden was very different from the coffee we get here at the states. It’s strong, and most Swedes drink it black or with just a touch of milk.

Want to make your own pot of authentic Swedish coffee?

Try brewing up a pot of Gevalia Kaffe using the European method of measuring: 1 rounded tablespoon of ground coffee to 8 fluid ounces of water. Brew it the way you regularly do, whether that be in a coffee drip machine or in a coffee press. Taste and see if you notice the difference too.

Lyndsay Burginger

It’s always entertaining when Lyndsay’s in the kitchen. She’s even been known to belt out Broadway show tunes while making dinner (a handy whisk as her microphone, of course). She currently writes for her international food and travel site, Lyndsay's Travel Kitchen . Lyndsay is also on the editorial team at The Cookful.