Sharpen Up with Our Knife Skills Series

It’s time to sharpen up and get your skills on. Learn all kinds of tips and techniques for chopping, cutting and so much more. Our Knife Skills series is sponsored by Cutco. Home cooks who use Cutco understand that sharp knives that are comfortable to hold make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Learn more at

It's time to sharpen up on those knife skills. Get all our tips, tricks, how-to's and delicious recipes that make use of the techniques.

It’s hardly surprising that I do most of the cooking in our house, but my husband has some mad skills too. The only problem when he cooks is that he complains about the sad state of the knives in our house. They’re never sharp and they’re kind of old and grim from too many rounds in the dishwasher (yes, I know. My bad).

That all changed recently when Cutco sent us a nice new set of knives so that we could put on a great Knife Skills series on the site. I now had the knives, knives my husband was ecstatic about (yes, he has forbidden me from ever putting them in the dishwasher). But did I have the skills? Nope!

Enter one of our amazing editors and trained chef, Lyndsay Burginger. Lyndsay knows what she’s doing. Heck, right this minute she’s doing an internship over at America’s Test Kitchen (way to go, Lyndsay! We’re so proud of you!). She already knew a ton and we know she’s going to come back with so much to share with us all.

Anyhow, Lyndsay came over and we chopped and cut and snipped and cooked and photographed and she taught me a ton. Now we’re passing all of that knowledge onto you in our new Knife Skill series.

You can follow along daily over here at our Knife Skills Topic Page. Or, if you can’t wait to get it all right now, sign up to be a Cookfulian below and you’ll get all the info packaged into a convenient eBook for you. Cool, right?

Let’s get chopping!

Christine 😉

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Cutco. All opinions are ours and honest.

Christine Pittman

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