Slow Cooker Dips…Game On!

Welcome to our newest topic just in time for the Big Game! It’s Slow Cooker Dips galore for the next two weeks!

Welcome to our newest topic just in time for the Big Game! It's Slow Cooker Dips galore for the next two weeks!

Ha! Ha! I find it so ironic that we start January with resolutions to be healthy (thus the farro series we just ran) and then those game days show up to challenge us with nachos, wings and gooey cheese galore. Instead of fighting it though, we’re embracing it. Sure, we’ll eat our boneless skinless chicken breasts with farro and steamed broccoli on Monday night. But when it comes to kick-off time, we’re going for glory.

And wow, what glory we have in store for you!

We thought a lot about our favorite game day foods and decided that what we all love most are those ooey gooey cheesy dips. Especially when they’re hot and dripping from a chip, dribbling down your chin. Mmmmm. Bet you can’t eat just one.

To make these dips even more perfect for game day, we’ve focused on Slow Cooker Dips. The reason is simple. They’re easy to make (often you just throw everything into the slow cooker and let it be). You can serve them right out of the slow cooker (less mess and they stay warm throughout the game). They’re portable if your game day party is a potluck (make it at home then transport your slow cooker to the party and plug it in when you get there). Ideal, right?

In the days ahead you’re going to get some great tips for adapting your own regular dip recipes into slow cooker dips, tips for making dips healthier (it’s possible. Really!), plus tons of delicious slow cooker dip recipes like Buffalo Chicken Dip, Philly Cheese Steak Dip, several versions of queso (we even compare one made with processed cheese versus one made with real cheese – which do you think will be chosen as the best?), a Taco Dip, a Jalapeno Popper Dip. The list goes on and on. It’s going to be a seriously fun-filled, cheesy couple of weeks.


Hehe. Let’s dip in!

Christine 😉

Christine Pittman

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