The Sweet Potato Shopping Guide

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One of the great things about sweet potatoes is that they are so versatile. Soups, stews, bake them, even fry them. With all of their versatility comes a whole plethora of tools to use, and while these tools aren’t specifically just for sweet potatoes, we came up with a list of our must-have sweet potato tools.

Everything you need to prepare and cook delicious sweet potatoes

The first tool that comes to mind is a peeler. Everyone owns one of these already, but how often do you buy a new one because its lost its edge? Try this OXO peeler which has the option of getting replaced when it is dull. Just snap on the new blade cartridge and you are good to go!

Note: The Cookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon/affiliate links.

Another essential tool for sweet potatoes is a potato masher. This potato masher can turn your sweet potatoes into creamy clouds of deliciousness. We prefer this one because the small holes mash the potato into a finer consistency.

After mashing those potatoes why don’t you bake them in a casserole dish? Bring on that Sweet Potato Casserole!

And don’t stop at just an oven to bake your sweet potatoes. Slow cookers can bake your sweet potatoes into tender spuds. Try it for yourself!

Moving along the list we have one tool which will make your sweet potato fries just like the ones in the restaurants: a fry cutter. Plop the sweet potato in the machine, pull the lever, and there you have it, perfectly cut fries.

Lyndsay Burginger

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