Say Hi To Popcorn!

A new website is born. With a bang. And a POP!

The Cookful Story on Popcorn

Today’s the first day that our new site, The Cookful, is live and we decided to start off with something really fab: Popcorn.

Before we get into the popcorn deets, a bit about the site and how it works.

The Cookful is a site for people who love to geek-out over food and cooking (umm…yes, we’ve basically created a site for ourselves). What we do is choose a topic, like Popcorn, and then we find out everything about it and share what we’ve learned with you. We’ll put up a Popcorn article daily for a week or two before choosing another topic and moving on.

To give you a better idea about The Cookful, we’ve pre-loaded the site with a few other topics. Go on and check out Eggs Benedict, Quick Soups and Margaritas. Each topic has recipes, How-To’s and weird/fun/interesting factoids. Each topic also comes with an ebook that packs the info together in one handy-dandy place just for you. To get the ebooks, head here. To find all the topics, just click on Topics at the top right of the site. You’ll see a list there of everything we’ve covered.

Now let’s dive into some popcorn.

Why popcorn? It’s a basic food and yet such a treat. It’s healthy but you’d never know it because it’s so insanely good. That’s reason enough to make it our first live topic. But we also thought that, with Fall coming up, it’d be cool to do something on the campfire (yes, you can totally pop popcorn on the campfire!) and to dig into some Halloween-style popcorn balls.

And duh. The whole starting-off-the-site-with-a-pop thing? Sold! Popcorn had to be our first topic.

You’re not going to believe how much stuff we have to say about it. We’re going to talk our heads off for almost two weeks. It’s going to be such a blast. Head over here to follow along as the articles go up.

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Christine Pittman

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