The Hot Chocolate Lovers’ Gift Guide

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Shopping for a hot cocoa-holic just got simpler.

The Hot Chocolate Lovers' Gift Guide

Hot Chocolate is a crowd-favorite, especially during the colder seasons. Here at The Cookful we are proud to present some of our favorite Hot Chocolate essentials, ranging from well needed items to fun and funky gifts to give to the hot-chocolate-lover in your life.

Whether you’re making Hot Chocolate for a crowd (using a large Hot Water Dispenser) or making it using a fun automatic Hot Chocolate Maker, it’s assumed you’ll want to add some fun flavors to your drink. Try stirring in some sweetness with these Rock Candy Stirrers or even a hint of mint with these cool Candy Cane Spoons.

While you can make your own mix with our help, or even use a pre-made mix, why not warm up some milk and add in these Hot Chocolate Sticks, which are essentially a condensed, very chocolatey, hot chocolate mix. It’ll be the perfect combo with these adorable Marshmallow Mugs.

You can even top off your mug with tasty Bourbon Flavored Marshmallows  or grate a bit of Extra Dark Chocolate on top for an even deeper chocolate flavor.

Why not give your lover a fun Hot Chocolate Basket filled with hot cocoa mixes and little chocolate goodies? Or perhaps they love National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Add some Griswold family spirit with these Moose-Shaped Mugs.

Feeling a bit spicy? Try making a Mexican Hot Chocolate (keep an eye out for the recipe further in our series) with a traditional Mexican Chocolate Bolita (Mexican chocolate squares). Then use an Aztec-inspired Molinillo Frother to create the biggest mug of foamy hot chocolate.

Looking for the perfect homemade gift to give away at your next holiday party? Make a batch of our Hot Chocolate mix and pour it into a Mason Jar. Add some cute Holiday Ribbon to make your gift extra festive.

And I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but some of your favorite candies have gotten bit by the hot chocolate bug. That’s right, Hot Chocolate M&M’s and Hot Chocolate Chips Ahoy Cookies are going to be all the rage this season. Pick up a bag before they’re all gone.


Note: The Cookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon/affiliate links.

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