Vidalia Onion Shopping Guide

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Show off your love of Vidalia onions with all these neat gadgets and gizmos made for you and your favorite onion. We’re delighted that our Vidalia Onion Topic is brought to you by the Vidalia Onion Committee. Vidalia Onions are America’s Favorite Sweet Onion, but you can only get them for a limited time each year! Learn more about the hard-working Georgia growers who bring these onions to life and what makes Vidalias so special at

Everything you need to cook with delicious Vidalia onions

Call me an onion hoarder. I got bags and bags of them in my house. My family’s eyes are constantly tearing up as I chop and dice pounds and pounds of them (just because of how beautiful these Vidalia onions are).

The first thing I do when I bring my Vidalia onions home from the store is place them in sheer pantyhose. That’s right! This lets air get around the onions and keeps them dry and fresh for longer.

Next, I decide what I want to make with my delicious onions. Perhaps some French onion soup, I’ll need a French onion bowl to do the job right. Or maybe I’ll microwave a whole onion using my microwave onion cooker.

Hmm, no, not microwaved onions, I’m feeling a bit more adventurous. While I could use a cutting board and a chef’s knife to make some blooming onions, I think this blooming onion cutter will make it a lot easier.

Wait, I’ve got it!

Grilled onions! Get flat skewers so that onion wedges don’t spin once they’re skewered.

If I only cut up half of a Vidalia onion, I can use this handy onion saver to keep my Vidalia fresh in the fridge.

Onion fashion is in. Yea, that’s right, cutting onions is now a fashion statement. I like to wear these onion goggles when I chop my onions to prevent tears from forming in my perfectly mascaraed eyelashes. Pair it with this adorable onion oven mitt and you’ve got an unforgettable look! (key word: unforgettable… please do not wear these out in public)

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Vidalia Onion Committee. All opinions are ours and honest.

Note: The Cookful may receive a commission on purchases made through Amazon/affiliate links.

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