The Creamiest Mac and Cheese

The most comforting homemade macaroni and cheese recipe, using heavy cream and cream cheese to make the creamiest version you have ever tried!

This recipe is super simple to whip up on the stove and then it’s ready to go.


– elbow macaroni pasta – unsalted butter – all-purpose flour – heavy whipping cream – cheddar cheese – mozzarella cheese – cream cheese – salt – black pepper

In a large pot, cook macaroni according to package instructions and drain.


Meanwhile, in a medium pot melt butter over medium heat.


Whisk in flour. Whisk until smooth.


Slowly add the heavy cream while whisking continuously to prevent lumps. Stir for a couple more minutes, until thickened.


Add cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, salt, and pepper to cream mixture and whisk until melted.


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