How To Fry Chicken Wings At Home

Go ahead and splurge. Deep fry those chicken wings. Here’s a handy guide showing you how.

Follow our easy instructions for frying wings using your stovetop, a large pot, some oil, and a candy thermometer.


– Vegetable or canola oil – chicken wings – Sauce (like Buffalo)

In a large pot, pour in vegetable or canola oil. Attach candy thermometer so it’s in the oil, but not touching the pot.


Cut wings into drummettes and flaps, if they aren’t already cut. Then, once oil is heated, use tongs to lower wings carefully into the oil.


Place a wing in oil at one time. Try to keep oil at 350-375°F or if temperature keeps rising, take off heat to a cool element for 1 minute. Monitor.


Flip wings occasionally until well-browned and internal temperature as read on an instant read thermometer.


Use tongs to remove wings from oil. Transfer them to a plate with a paper towel to remove excess oil.


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