How To Make Beef Carpaccio

The most important step in making beef carpaccio is to start with slightly frozen meat, making it easier to slice thinly.

Using the correct knife is also very important for those thin slices. Find out everything you need to know to make this delicious appetizer.

What is Beef Carpaccio?

Beef carpaccio is an Italian dish centered around raw beef. Yes, that’s right, it’s raw!

Is it Safe to Eat?

There is always a risk when you eat uncooked or under-cooked meat. But if you take a few precautions, you can be pretty sure that it will be alright.


– beef tenderloin – handful arugula – capers – red wine vinegar – olive oil – cracked black pepper – sea salt

Freeze beef tenderloin until very firm but not rock solid. While the beef is in the freezer, place the plates in the fridge to chill.


Once the beef is firm, slice very thinly against the grain and place slices on chilled plates.


Once all of your beef slices are on your cold plate, it’s time to add the garnishes.


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