Welcome To Lamb

Lamb is a delicious protein that is often passed by for more well-known types of protein because we simply don’t know how to cook it. Welcome to our new series that’s all about lamb. You’ll be an expert at shopping for and cooking lamb in no time. 

What would you say if I told you that there was a healthy, delicious, and versatile protein that many Americans have never even tried, let alone consume regularly? And, no, it is not something unusual, weird, or hard to find. Rather, this meat is available in every grocery store in America. What is this forgotten protein, you ask? Lamb. Juicy, tender, flavorful lamb.

collage with types of lamb; each image says type o cut

Every year, Americans eat less than a pound of lamb per person as compared to nearly 100 pounds of chicken and 50 pounds of beef per person. And that’s a shame because lamb is an outstanding source of protein and other nutrients and it is beloved in nearly every other part of the globe. Indeed, lamb is the second most consumed meat in the world – just not here in the United States.

If you want to know what the rest of the world already knows about lamb – how flavorful, satisfying, and easy to cook this versatile protein is – then this series is for you. In it, we are going to clear up all the misconceptions people have about lamb – no, it doesn’t have to taste gamey! We will also break down all the different cuts of lamb, explain how to cook each one to perfection and give you tons of recipes for lamb dishes – from quick-cooking weeknight dinners to special occasion, holiday roasts.

Along the way, we are going to explore many different global cuisines, including Greek, Indian, Irish and Chinese. We will also talk about every possible way to cook lamb, from the grill to the oven and even the Instant Pot and air fryer. By the end of the series, you will feel completely confident cooking lamb and incorporating this other red meat into your regular menus.

So, grab some rosemary, put out the mint sauce, fire up the grill (or the oven), and get ready to talk about lamb!



Welcome To Lamb
Welcome To Lamb