13 Ways to Make Brussels Sprouts More Delicious Than Ever

Help! I’ve fallen in love with Brussels sprouts and can’t get up. And now I’m going to bring you down with me!

We’ve got 13 things you can do to make Brussels sprouts taste better than ever.

Fats to try with Brussels sprouts are butter, bacon fat or olive oil. Or drizzle with some heavy cream just before serving.

Do: Add fat


Make sure you salt Brussels sprouts at the beginning of the cooking process. And then go in with a good pinch of sea salt or kosher salt before serving.

Do: Add salt


Sweet flavors to put with sprouts are apples, dried cranberries, apple juice/cider, sweet white wine, basil, flat leaf parsley, sugar, brown sugar maple syrup and molasses.

Do: Add sweet


To cut through the strong flavor of Brussels sprouts try adding lemon juice, a tangy Dijon mustard, a splash of dry white wine, cider vinegar or a drizzle of your favorite salad dressing.

Do: Add sour


Cheese is fatty and it’s also salty so it totally helps with the whole bitterness problem. Salty and/or creamy cheeses are your best bet.

Do: Add cheese


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