How to Make Strawberry Jam

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of slathering a layer of Homemade Strawberry Jam on a piece of buttered bread and taking a bite. Everyone loves a classic recipe.

It never gets old and you can trust it to be there for you again and again. This classic strawberry jam recipe has only 4 ingredients and is made using water bath canning.


– Strawberries – Lemon juice – Fruit pectin – Sugar

First, you’ll need to crush your strawberries. If you like some chunks of strawberries in your jam, place the strawberries in a flat-bottomed bowl or baking dish and mash them with a potato masher.


Transfer the strawberries to a large pot and start cooking. Add in the lemon juice, followed by the pectin, whisking until dissolved.


Next, stir in the sugar and bring to a rolling boil. Continue stirring for 1 minute while boiling, then remove from heat. You’ll notice the jam has turned a deeper red color. Now you’re ready to start canning.


Using a jar lifter, lift a hot jar out of the pot, drain the water and place on a towel or rack on top of the counter. Be sure not to place the hot jar directly on the countertop to prevent thermal shock and a big mess of broken glass.


Fill the jars. Place a wide mouth funnel in the jar and ladle the jam in, leaving 1/2 inch headspace at the top of the jar.


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