Meet The Cookful Team

Christine PittmanChristine Pittman

Christine is the Senior Editor and Owner of The Cookful, COOKtheSTORY and IsThisThatFood. Her sites reach over 1.5 million readers per month, which means that things can get a bit crazy. She's constantly writing, taking pictures, editing, managing contributors, and, oh yeah, cooking. To say that she wears many hats is an understatement - there are many hats, and also many shirts, shoes, pants, and even the odd cape!

Lyndsay BurgingerLyndsay Burginger

It’s always entertaining when Lyndsay’s in the kitchen. She’s even been known to belt out Broadway show tunes while making dinner (a handy whisk as her microphone, of course). She currently writes for her international food and travel site, Lyndsay's Travel Kitchen . Lyndsay is also on the editorial team at The Cookful.

Amy BowenAmy Bowen

Amy had no clue how to cook until she became the food reporter for a daily newspaper in Minnesota. At 25, she even struggled with boxed mac and cheese. These days, Amy is a much better cook, thanks to interviewing cooks and chefs for more than 10 years. She even makes four cheese macaroni and cheese with bacon, no boxed mac in sight. Amy is also on the editorial team at The Cookful.

Jamie SilvaJamie Silva

Jamie Silva is the photographer, recipe developer and food writer behind A Sassy Spoon, a recipe blog for home cooks looking to give classic comfort foods a fresh, seasonal and modern twist! When she’s not cooking up a storm or dancing in her kitchen, you can find her exploring cuisine in other cities or unapologetically raiding the cookie jar.

Emily DingmannEmily Dingmann

Emily is a Nutritionist and Recipe Developer who creates easy and healthy recipes for busy families on My Everyday Table. She drinks coffee in the morning, wine at night, and sometimes a green juice in between!

Tawnie KrollTawnie Kroll

Tawnie Kroll is a California based food blogger and healthy recipe developer. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a lover of cooking and baking! Follow her blog for recipes, healthy living tips and practical scientific evidenced-based advice to help you improve your health and well being.

Kevin KesslerKevin Kessler

Kevin J. Kessler is an experienced professional writer and published author living in Orlando, Florida. With a lifelong passion for food, this sandwich loving Italian boy enjoys exploring unanswered questions about the foods we all know and love so well. Kevin’s foodie lifestyle was born through his love of Walt Disney World and the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. A lover of stories, he enjoys trying new dishes from all over the world and learning everything there is to know about where food comes from, how its prepared, and what variations on it exist.

Maria SirianoMaria Siriano

Somewhere among the towers of batter-smeared mixing bowls, you'll find a flour-covered Maria making unique seasonal desserts for her blog, Sift and Whisk. Although she never quite got the hang of the clean-as-you-go technique, she has still managed to elevate her baking skills far beyond “add oil, water, and eggs.” She makes a killer pie, if she does say so herself.

Sam EllisSam Ellis

Sam blogs at The Culinary Compass where she loves to try new recipes and ingredients from around the world. She thinks trying new dishes and spices is the easiest way to travel! She loves coffee so much that she often goes to bed excited for a fresh cup in the morning.

Allie DoranAllie Doran

Allie Doran is the photographer, recipe developer and creator
of Miss Allie’s Kitchen, a recipe website that serves up real
food recipes from the heart. Allie is a small town girl that loves
meals packed with veggies & even wild game but her favorite
dessert is definitely pie (with a side of red wine).

Brittany PoulsonBrittany Poulson

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Brittany loves to cook, bake and of course, eat! This love of food led her to become a registered dietitian and food blogger at Your Choice Nutrition, where she encourages you to live a healthy life in your unique way. For Brittany, this often includes her favorite foods, such as fresh strawberries or a square of dark chocolate!

Rebecca ClydeRebecca Clyde

Rebecca is the registered dietitian and food blogger behind the scenes at Nourish Nutrition Blog ( She loves to eat the rainbow and help others learn to enjoy a wider variety of foods. Although she loves so many different foods, one of her favorites is the good old-fashioned s’more, made with dark chocolate. And when a campfire is just out of reach, she’ll use nearly anything to get that roasty goodness, except a scented candle which she learned the gross way. 

Nicole JohnsonNicole Johnson

Nicole has been blogging for 5 years at OrWhateverYouDo, when not chasing her 7 kids around or working as Account Manager at Mediavine. She basically lives, breathes, and eats blogging. And cookies. A pasta fanatic and dedicated tomato fan, she occasionally branches out into crazier things like oh, rice and potatoes. She features mostly from scratch cooking with a healthy smattering of easy convenience meals tossed in to keep it real.

Ellie O'BrienEllie O'Brien

When not working full time as an engineer, you can find Ellie in her kitchen and blogging at Hungry by Nature. Her approach to food is simple – eat healthy, whole, natural foods and always leave room for dessert! While seasonal, healthy foods are a top priority, Ellie has also been known to eat ice cream for dinner. It’s all about balance!

Kelly NardoKelly Nardo

Kelly is the girl behind Eat the Gains, a food and fitness blog dedicated to providing wholesome and delicious recipes that fuel both workouts and everyday life. She is also a nutrition and CrossFit coach and runs a meal prep delivery service in Austin, TX. Her favorite color is orange and she has never met a vegetable she didn’t like - if you know, send it her way!

Meghan BassettMeghan Bassett

Food addict turned blogger, Meghan has a love for cooking uncomplicated, gourmet recipes. She creates food that is straightforward, relatable and will blow your friends and family away. She is the author of the food blog Cake 'n Knife, where you’ll find that fresh ingredients + unique flavors + love = gourmet food, every single time.

Georgina WalkerGeorgina Walker

Georgie is an Australian expat and the creator behind The Home Cook’s Kitchen, a blog dedicated to good food and recipes for home entertaining. Georgie is a passionate foodie, with a love for fine wine, cheese and chocolate. She believes there is nothing better than sitting down to a home cooked meal with good friends. When she’s not in the kitchen cooking, she’s out and about hiking, biking or snowboarding in Oregon with her husband and golden retriever Archie.

Kim ColemanKim Coleman

Cooking is one of Kim's passions, and she loves to hunt for recipes, experiment with them, and share them. The journey of pregnancy, nursing, and introducing food to babies led Kim to whole foods (or “real food”), and she is still enjoying the journey. When she’s not in the kitchen, she enjoys dating her husband, playing with her boys and reading.

Samantha SeeleySamantha Seeley

Samantha blogs at Sweet Remedy where she focuses on alternative baking with a penchant for whole grain, vegan, gluten free and dairy-free recipes. She started baking years ago for farmers’ markets and hasn’t stopped since! Samantha’s favorite season is fall where she delights in picking apples, pears and pumpkins until the first snow sighting.

Susannah BrinkleySusannah Brinkley

Susannah blogs at Feast + West where she specializes in cocktails and easy entertaining recipes. She can (and often does) eat a whole jar of olives in one sitting, sans cocktail. A graphic designer, Susannah also blogs about design for bloggers at Garnishing Co.

Ilona OrzechowskaIlona Orzechowska

Ilona blogs at Ilona’s Passion where she focuses on sweet and savory party recipes. She believes in making recipes from scratch and not very sweet desserts. She likes to experiment with flavors while cooking in her Canadian kitchen. She has lived in three countries and loves to explore the world with her two boys and a husband. While not cooking or traveling she designs printable invitations and party decorations.

Kasey GoinsKasey Goins

Kasey is the 20-something Physician Assistant behind the blog Well-Fed Soul. She believes that food is medicine and takes a non-diet approach to healthy eating. She loves to show busy women how eating healthy can be exciting, easy, and still involve chocolate! When she isn't creating messes in the kitchen, you can find her exploring Kalamazoo with her husband (with a glass of good Chardonnay in hand).

Lauren KeatingLauren Keating

Lauren has been cooking for as long as she can remember and shares her recipes at, where she features on easy weeknight meals with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. She completed the professional plant-based cooking certification from Rouxbe cooking school and enjoys using plant-based cooking techniques to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and grains into traditional recipes in unique ways. Food-obsessed from a young age, her first words included “cookie” and “eat meat!”

Karman MeyerKarman Meyer

Karman blogs at The Nutrition Adventure where she shares her cooking & travel adventures. Food has always been Karman’s passion, which is why she turned it into her career! As a nutritionist, she enjoys teaching others how to prepare healthier foods that tastes great---because there’s no sense in making it if no one wants to eat it! She also believes that there’s always room for the more decadent things in life.

Deanna SamaanDeanna Samaan

Everyone has a love affair with food. That is the motto and inspiration of the blog Seduction in the Kitchen Deanna writes. Not afraid to try something different with food, her goal is to seduce you with food.Trust me you will be seduced by some of her recipes she creates and will want to make them over and over again.

Jenn DempseyJenn Dempsey

Jenn is a busy mama of 5-year-old twins and the creator of the food blog Mother Thyme, where she shares easy family-friendly recipes that combine fresh ingredients with common items already on hand. This pasta-loving mama has a weakness for simple garlic spaghetti loaded
with a ton of freshly grated cheese and admits to putting herself in time out with a box of Twinkies #dontjudge.

Stephanie ManleyStephanie Manley

Stephanie Manley is the creator of Copy Kat. She recreates your favorite restaurant recipes so you can make them at home. Stephanie is the author of " Dining Out At Home I & II." You can watch her videos on Youtube as she demonstrates many of her readers' favorite recipes.

Amy GetmanAmy Getman

Amy is a registered dietitian who blogs at Happy Healthy RD, a blog focusing on simple and healthy recipes. She loves to shop at the local farmers’ market and also maintains an impressive garden of her own. Amy believes in a balanced diet but is known to include avocados, butternut squash, or sweet potatoes in 9 out of 10 meals.

Anita SchecterAnita Schecter

Anita is the voice behind the blog, Hungry Couple. She’s a writer, photographer, recipe developer, cook, bottle washer, shaker of creative cocktails and doggie mama. Anita also writes a monthly food column for Parade Magazine and is the on-staff Middle Eastern cuisine expert at Food. She’s been known to eat salad with her fingers.

Stephanie DeMarrStephanie DeMarr

Stephanie DeMarr discovered her home came with a kitchen around the same time she had her son. She has been in her kitchen since, creating recipes and providing tips and tricks to make homemade a bit easier over at her blog, Little Prairie Kitchen. Stephanie generally has a savory tooth but come December, you will find her elbow deep in flour, making every variety of baked good known to humankind (and sampling more than her fair share).

Andrew WilderAndrew Wilder

Andrew blogs at Eating Rules, where he insists that healthy eating doesn't have to suck. Each year he leads the October Unprocessed challenge, trying to get as many people as possible to eat no processed food for the entire month. Thankfully he considers both wine and cheese to be unprocessed!

Jess LarsonJess Larson

Equal parts Ina Garten & Carrie Bradshaw, Jess is the guacamole-lovin’, prosecco-sippin’, shoe-adorin’20-something behind the blog plays well with butter, where she shares everyday recipes for modern gals. When she’s not making a mess in the kitchen, you can find her exploring Minneapolis with her husband and their 80-lb German Shepherd puppy (oh, and a honey lavender latte, of course!).

Lauren SharifiLauren Sharifi

Lauren is a registered dietitian and blogger at where she shares easy to make recipes that are both nutritious and delicious. A once picky eater now can’t help by experiment with new foods and flavors creating recipes everyone enjoys eating and cooking!

Anne LawtonAnne Lawton

Anne is the creator of the food blog Simple and Savory where she shares easy, healthy recipes that are made with wholesome ingredients. When she’s not cooking, she loves shopping for ingredients at local farm markets. Even though her recipes are healthy, she believes that you have to indulge every now and then, and pizza is her favorite guilty pleasure!

Elena SzeligaElena Szeliga

Elena blogs at Happy Kitchen.Rocks, where she focuses on delicious and healthy food that is easy to make. She uses whole ingredients, seasonal fruits and veggies, whole grains and lots of spices and herbs. Her Russian heritage and expat lifestyle enriched her food experience, allowing her to start experimenting in the kitchen. She hasn’t stopped since!

Amanda DorichAmanda Dorich

Amanda blogs at Old House to New Home where she shares easy ways to eat, create, and decorate, all while raising two young girls! Amanda is a Spanish teacher, wife to a great husband, and mommy to the two most beautiful little girls! Amanda loves food, traveling and transforming their 115-year-old house into their home.

Angie BarrettAngie Barrett

Angie blogs at Big Bears Wife where she cooks up her favorite recipes that are based on her southern roots and her traveling adventures. She thinks the best smell in the world is a fully stocked spice cabinet and rejoices in the fact that she turned her "meat and potatoes only" husband into a "steamed broccoli and asparagus lover".

Michelle FerrandMichelle Ferrand

Michelle’s passion for food began when she started cooking dinner for her family at the age of 12. At first she couldn’t even roast a chicken, but practice makes perfect! Since then Michelle’s love of all things food has continued to grow so much that since college she’s worked professionally in the food world from running the Test Kitchen at and working behind the scenes of many Food Network shows. Michelle currently works professionally as a Food Stylist and blogs at Cup of Zest where she recreates vintage recipes for the modern lady.

Jodi DanenJodi Danen

Being a registered dietitian, Jodi Danen mistakenly thought it would be a breeze feeding her family a diet of healthy foods. As soon as her kids could talk, she knew she was in for a challenge! Jodi is the voice of Create Kids Club, a food and nutrition blog for parents who desire healthy family meals, but are short on time. Her recipes are simple to prepare, have a short ingredient list, and focus on fresh foods.

Sara BlackburnSara Blackburn

Sara blogs at Real Balanced where she shares low-carb, ketogenic, paleo, and low-FODMAP recipes. She believes in a diet lifestyle full of real food, fitness, and the occasional helping (or two…or three) helpings of chocolate and ketogenic fat bombs. Outside of the kitchen, Sara is either working at her fulltime job, binge watching a TV series, or obsessing over her Boston terrier pup, Rowsdower.

Amanda PowellAmanda Powell

Under the piles of cookies and slices of cake is Amanda Powell of A Cookie Named Desire, a dessert-obsessed baker and food photographer. She believes everyone is capable of learning out of the box baking with just a bit of patience and a willingness to get messy. While she loves baking seasonally with local produce, she also believes there is no such thing as too much chocolate!

Carrie VibertCarrie Vibert

Carrie is the poet behind Poet in the Pantry, where she writes about recipes, restaurants and really good times in the Connecticut area. She’s come a long way from croutons covered in French salad dressing, a favorite snack she proudly prepared herself as a child.

Eileen GrayEileen Gray

Eileen blogs at Baking Sense, where she shares from-scratch baking recipes that focus on great ingredients and techniques. Eileen has a been a pastry chef for 20+ years, but she’s been baking geek her entire life. Eileen wants to turn you into a baking geek too! She knows that anyone can bake if they have a good recipe and the helping hand of a seasoned baker.