Sausages – Homemade

In our Sausages Series we show you how to make sausages at home without any special equipment. And then, we show you how you can use a few inexpensive extra tools to up your sausage game.

There are over 12 recipes in this series for sausages as well as for sausage seasoning, for making your own bulk sausage meat, and so much more.

All that you need to dive into sausage-making at home is some ground meat, seasonings, in some cases a curing ingredient (which is easy to find online, and we give you links to good ones too), plastic wrap, aluminum foil, a baking sheet with an oven-safe rack (like you’d use for roasting or for cooling cookies), and an oven. That’s it!

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Christine Pittman

Christine is the founder of TheCookful and also of her blog COOKtheSTORY. Her passion is explaining the WHY behind cooking – Why should you cook things a certain way; Will they turn out if you do it differently; What are the pros and cons of the method? Learn more about Christine, her cookbooks, and her podcast.