How to Rim a Glass with Salt

How to Salt the Rim of a Margarita Glass

Contributor: Christine Pittman
  • Author: Christine Pittman


  • 1 lime
  • a glass
  • kosher salt
  • a dish that is bigger in diameter than the glass


  1. If you remember ahead of time, chill your glass. If you’re doing a bunch of margaritas and/or if you have a glass-rimming kit, you’ll want to juice some limes and put the liquid on a rimmed plate or into the rimmer where it says “lime juice”. If you’re just making a few, do the following.
  2. Get yourself a quarter of a lime. Cut a notch in the fruit part of the lime quarter.
  3. Run that notch all around the rim of the glass until the glass rim is really wet.
  4. Put some salt in the dish. What kind of salt? Here we’ve used kosher. But find out what we discovered in our rim-salt taste-test here.
  5. Tip the glass over into the salt. Now, I always do this like a cookie cutter, twisting it around. Other people say that this method leads to salt getting on the inside of the glass and then falling into your drink. I like a bit of salt in my drink so I don’t mind. If you do mind, what you do instead is to hold the glass at an angle such that only the outside planes of the glass touch the salt. Done! Now, where’s that tequila???