Is Orzo Rice?

Is Orzo Actually a Form of Rice?

Is Orzo Actually a Form of Rice?

The Short Answer:

No. Orzo is actually a form of pasta.

The Long Answer:

Orzo is a fairly diverse food. It can be served by itself, as a side dish, or as part of a soup, salad or casserole. One thing that it is not, is a form of rice. Orzo is actually pasta cut short and shaped like a jumbo-sized grain of rice.

If you thought rice and orzo shared some common ground, you’re not alone. Another name for this product is “risoni” which is literally translated to mean “big rice.” Orzo owes its origins to Italy, but quickly spread around the world, finding a home in Spanish, Arabic, Greek and Turkish cuisine, to name just a few.

While many people use orzo as a rice substitute, carb counters won’t find much of a difference as they’re shockingly similar in terms of carbohydrate content. But orzo packs twice the amount of protein into every grain. Brown rice, however, has a far higher fiber count.

Have you ever replaced rice with orzo? How did it turn out? Let us know!


Is Orzo Actually a Form of Rice? #orzo
Is Orzo Actually a Form of Rice? #orzo

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