No Bake Christmas Cookies

We’ve researched favorite no bake Christmas cookie recipes to bring you the very best cookie recipes we could come up with. We just know that these recipes are going to show up at all your holiday parties, and you’re going to love them more than ever when you see them fly off the plate.

(And if you do want to bake some cookies, start with this Sugar Cookie recipe that’s perfect for decorating.)

What Are No Bake Cookies?

Simply put, they are treats that don’t require baking time in the oven. You might need to heat or melt things on the stovetop or in the microwave though. There’s usually butter and sugar involved and other common ingredients are peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate, but there’s a wide variety.

No-bake cookie recipes are great because they are often pretty quick and easy to put together. While they are perfect for holiday entertaining, they are also so good that you may want to make them year round!

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