Vegetarian Burgers

Why Make Veggie Burgers?

They’re delicious (or can be) and healthy and just plain great for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Yes, really.

Try not to think of veggie burgers as a meat alternative but as a tasty food in their own right. Like, if you’re having a BBQ or party this summer, don’t try to satisfy your vegetarian friends by grabbing a frozen box of veggie burgers from the grocery store. Whip up one of our delectable recipes and serve them to everyone as a delicious option. We have such hearty flavorful recipes for you. You’re going to love them all and so will your guests.

What Are Vegetarian Burgers Made From?

We have so much tasty info on this topic. We have some delicious recipes using a variety of ingredients including beans, tofu, quinoa, and tons of vegetables thrown in, of course.

The most popular method to make veggie burgers is to use a food processor to combine your ingredients and then form them into a patty. But you could also use grilled portobello mushrooms or slices of eggplant as the patty of your vegetarian burger.

We also have a great formula for making veggie burgers so that you can create your own combinations. Whatever you have on hand can soon become delicious vegetarian burgers to cook and eat right away, or freeze for future meals. So much tasty veggie-packed info awaits!

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