Oven Baked Potatoes vs. Microwave Baked Potatoes

To oven bake or microwave your potatoes? We’ve given both a try and are breaking it down for you.

To oven bake or microwave your potatoes? We've given both a try and are breaking it down for you. 

I prepared potatoes 3 different ways to compare baking versus microwaving them (two ways to bake potatoes and one way to microwave them). Was there a clear winner? Did one taste better than the rest? Let’s look into it.

Pros & cons of microwaving potatoes:

+ It’s quick.

+ These potatoes came out soft and tender.

+ They can go in the microwave naked. That means one less step to prepare them.

– You don’t get a crispy skin.

– You do have to rotate the potato so it cooks evenly.

Pros & cons of baking potatoes:

+ You can cook up a ton of potatoes at once

+ Crispy skin for the win.

– It takes planning and forethought – they take at least 60 minutes to bake.

How do you know which way to choose?

If you’re looking for a quick starch? Microwave

If you’re going to cook for a small army? Bake

If you’re going to reheat them? Microwave

If you’re lazy? Microwave

If you don’t plan ahead of time? Microwave

If you have an aversion to microwaves? Bake

If you love crispy skins? Oven! Microwaving them will disappoint you beyond belief.

Rebecca Clyde

Rebecca is the registered dietitian and food blogger behind the scenes at Nourish Nutrition Blog (www.nourishnutritionblog.com) She loves to eat the rainbow and help others learn to enjoy a wider variety of foods. Although she loves so many different foods, one of her favorites is the good old-fashioned s’more, made with dark chocolate. And when a campfire is just out of reach, she’ll use nearly anything to get that roasty goodness, except a scented candle which she learned the gross way.