Head Lettuce 101

We’ve researched methods and tested classic favorites to bring you the very best recipes that will become part of your regular cooking rotation.

We just know that these head lettuce recipes are going to become a delicious part of your life.

What Is Head Lettuce?

Head lettuce isn’t a specific variety of lettuce, it’s more of a category or classification. You can learn all about the types of head lettuce, but just know that they are the kinds of lettuce whose leaves form tight rosettes and end up in compact heads. Think of iceberg lettuce.

How Can Head Lettuce Be Used?

While they are popular for salads of course, don’t let that limit you! You can use lettuce as the wrap for your tacos or shred it and use it inside the tacos. You can even turn these greens into lettuce soup or blend it up for a healthy green juice.

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